Steel Fabrication

The team of NECO consists of highly qualified selected engineers, technician and skilled worker to accomplish client’s requirement with high standard quality of work in stipulated time. Our Production team highly skilled production team is dedicated to provide a high quality products and services at agreed delivery schedule using the best facilities, technologies & machinery:
  • Fabrication process according to AISC and API 650 codes or equivalent international standards
  • Welding process according to: AWS D.1.1
  • Blasting according to SA 2 1/2 and 3
  • Galvanizing according to : ASTM A 123

Pre-Production Planning

The design output is expressed in the following formats:
  • Computer generated calculations prepared on propriety software
  • Design sketches containing all the necessary information to allow drafting to generate general arrangement drawings
The General Arrangement drawing package shall consist of but not be limited to:
  • Anchor Bolt Layout
  • Roof Framing Plan
  • Elevations
  • Connection Details (if requested)

Design Review 

During the Design Sketch and calculation stage, the activities of the individual designer are monitored by the Design Department Supervisor. On completion of the calculations the designer details in writing all parameters used in the calculation, the Design Supervisor verifies that the design parameters are correct as per contract documentation. Should the contract require the formal submittal of the design calculations to the client, then the Design Supervisor forwards the package to the Engineering In-charge for Approval. All General Arrangement drawings developed from design sketches are reviewed by the drafting department for drawing accuracy and signed as checked then the package is forwarded to the Design Department for review by the Designer against his design sketches to determine if they have been correctly interpreted. The design package is then forwarded to the client for review and comment.

Design Validation

All design packages, as detailed in the contractual requirements are forwarded to the client for review comment and approval prior to the start of fabrication. Should any comments or status codes be applied to the submitted design package other than approved, these comments are addressed and another submittal is made to the client. This process is repeated until the design is acceptable to the client.

Design Changes

When a change or modification to the design is required, the originator of the change documents the required modification and forwards written instructions to the relevant departments. Depending on the source of the change notice, the information is transmitted as follows:
  • Internal Change notice Information to be forwarded to the Design Supervisor for review and action
  • External (Client) notice Information to be forwarded to the Design Supervisor for review and action
All change notices either in the form of commented drawings or written instructions are filed in the Project File for future reference.


NECO  has standardized the computer software used in order to ensure compatibility with clients and other third parties involved in the project:
  • Microsoft Office General Office
  • Primavera / Microsoft Project Planning
  • AutoCAD 2D Drafting
  • STAAD Pro 2D & 3D Design
  • TEKLA – X-Steel
  • ProKon Connections Design